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Prestashop Abandoned Cart Module

Prestashop Abandoned Cart Module

TMD PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Module It enables the admin to get more insight into why customers lea..

Prestashop Additional Product Info Fields Module

Prestashop Additional Product Info Fields Module

OverviewPrestaShop Additional Product Info Fields Module is one of the best PrestaShop Addons on the..

Prestashop Advance Author Module

Prestashop Advance Author Module

The TMD Advance Author Module is designed to make your user experience pleasant while browsing on yo..

Prestashop Advance Blog Module

Prestashop Advance Blog Module

TMD PrestaShop Advance Blog Module It has its own page for publishing post where you can also set up..

PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module

PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module

Overview Of TMD PrestaShop Faq AddOn PrestaShop Product FAQ is the best tool that allows you to a..

Prestashop Currency Price Module

Prestashop Currency Price Module

TMD PrestaShop Currency Price Module is important for any PrestaShop Store. With the help of a curre..

Prestashop Custom Size Chart Module

Prestashop Custom Size Chart Module

OverviewPrestaShop Custom Size Chart Module is one of the best PrestaShop addons in the marketp..

Prestashop Custom Tabs Pro Module

Prestashop Custom Tabs Pro Module

OverviewTMD PrestaShop custom tab pro module is an exclusive PrestaShop Addons on the mark..

Prestashop Customer Group Price Module

Prestashop Customer Group Price Module

TMD PrestaShop Customer Group Price Module will allow you to instantly assign prices to product base..

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PrestaShop is yet another powerful e-commerce framework that enables you to sell faster and scale your website with advanced feature integration.  While the new version of PrestaShop is more convenient for developers and store owners developers can keep focusing on creating the best user experience for your store while store owners can make sales relentlessly.
As store owners are concerned with sales it is important to include not only the best features and functionality in your store but also the latest.

Relation Between PrestaShop Addons and E-commerce Shop

Creating an online E-commerce store can be a challenging task, especially if you do not have the proper knowledge and are familiar with the available development framework and its functionality.

It is also tricky to select the best add-ons for your store and one that fits your requirement. Therefore Prestashop addons play a great role in the development of e-commerce shops. Although all E-commerce portals have their own features, ease of use, and level of flexibility.

The fundamental aspect of all e-commerce platforms is one i.e. drive sales and conversion. Hence, Prestashop addons are the backbone of Prestashop e-commerce shops and serve as one of the most important e-commerce frameworks that would help you to create your online store and use add-ons to scale your e-commerce store with this powerful platform for your business.

Selecting PrestaShop for your e-commerce development will play a crucial role in the success of launching your online store. 

 You can't change to another platform if you do not like what you have selected. That's why you need to ensure and consider all the positive and negative aspects of any e-commerce store before finalizing any e-commerce platform. For your help, we are here to guide you through a comprehensive PrestaShop review.

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a huge feature-rich, free and open-source e-commerce solution that you can use to run your online store in the cloud or do a self-hosting. Currently, it is operating 250000 shops worldwide, and it is available in 65 languages. However it takes some time to get ready for the store launch, but it provides a seamless experience after you have hosted your store and provides a wonderful experience for users as well as admin.  

The PrestaShop business model depends on selling services for commercial partners to its user base, giving you the choice of additional features and themes. It also provides sophisticated E-Commerce choices for those interested in selling physical or digital goods online. 

Moreover, PrestaShop comes with a default theme that is easy to use and provides a responsive store interface for shoppers. It provides you with a set of comprehensive features and is free as it is an open-source framework. It is pretty similar to WooCommerce. PrestaShop is exceptionally aligned towards e-commerce, while Woocommerce fulfills the requirement of both multi-purpose blogging and launching an online store. 

PrestaShop is one of the powerful E-Commerce website builder portals, and it has a fantastic interface to manage your store well. It provides you with hundreds of modules that strengthen the efficiency of this software.

What are PrestaShop Addons, Modules, and Extensions?

Addons are also known as Modules and Extensions. It is considered an expensive solution because it increases the overall cost of implementation and scaling of e-commerce stores. However, Addons will provide an additional functionality feature to your online store. 
For most e-Commerce stores, the required number of addons may exceed your budget, while others come with some limitations. 

PrestaShop does not need any extra add-ons as it is a competitive e-commerce solution by default. The add-ons are designed explicitly by PrestaShop developers and community users. Most of them are authorized partners of the PrestaShop community. This community regularly updates your modules and also makes improvements to addons regularly. 

Best PrestaShop Addons for Optimizing E-Commerce Store 

When it comes to streamlining your E-commerce store, there are various plugins that you can configure for your store. PrestaShop is popular for small business e-commerce stores and e-commerce masters. 

TMD has experience in building and creating a variety of plugins for PrestaShop store owners to improve their store revenue through conversion and sales. Therefore, if you are keen to scale your PrestaShop store you might find these PrestaShop addons helpful that are dedicated to improving conversion on your store.

There is a list of PrestaShop Addons that will help you to set up your E-commerce store:

PrestaShop Additional Product Info Field

With this feature, the product info field admin can show unlimited data about the product. This module works similarly as an option. This website also provides icons and images along with the text. The admin can also create multiple product information within a few minutes, and for admin ease, TMD built this module-like option. 

However, in the options bar, you need to create an option and product page to select the options bar and assign value. The admins can easily create multiple product information and give the same field to various products. At that place, the admins can put their valuable time into product improvement or promotion. 

There is also another option to show an image with value. The admins can enable or disable the image to the particular field value. 

PrestaShop Advanced Author Module

The advanced author module is structured to make its user experience appealing, and while browsing on your store page, you can land on your website. This extension enables the admins to create particular pages for the author available in your store. The owner can link authors to their related products with more search bars. 

This information can add to product pages, and this advanced option makes it easier for your customer to scroll and shop by specific authors' products. This module is helpful for authors who want to create an online bookstore with various authors and a vast collection of books in their store. 

PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module

This module enables the admins to show all the recently asked questions and answers on your website. The FAQ can also be mentioned with categories that it more effective to read and save customers or users time. The FAQ extension is one of the popular addons that help admins create FAQs categories. The admins can write questions and answers that are related to categories. 
This extension is suitable for the owner who wants to add FAQs on their listed page. This module works smoothly on the FAQs page because it uses JavaScript language. 

PrestaShop Custom Size Chart Module

This extension helps the admins present the product with detail in its size chart. You can set a size chart with multiple values with its module setting. To show the size, you can add as many rows as you require, and there are no limitations on the number of rows you add.

But the custom size chart extension provides you with the best method to create a size chart for products. Heading will be required only once, but values can be set in multiple rows. Tapping on the plus and removing buttons will add new rows for values and eliminate the value row, respectively. The owner can also write the name and description of the custom size.

PrestaShop Custom Tabs Pro Module

The custom tabs for products module enable custom tabs pro is an advanced custom tab for the product, including extra custom information on the front end. You can add unlimited accounts to the product by adding to this module. This module enables the admins to enter the tab's title that will show with the existing three tabs.

The admin's cam inserts all information in multiple languages also. By default, the product pages only have three tabs, so the customer tab pro module admin can enhance or add new and unlimited tabs in the product pages by using the custom tab extensions. 

PrestaShop Form Builder Pro Module

It enables you to create and manage all forms for your websites like contact forms, support tickets, refunds, survey forms, inquiries, etc. With this module, you can create a pop-up on your product page in the store. 

PrestaShop Product Enquiry Module

This extension works as a communication tool between the customer and the site owner. On the product page, the client can send a request to the owner using this module, and the site owner will receive this through email which includes all the details.

PrestaShop Question & Answer Module

The prestaShop question and answer module is one of the popular PrestaShop addons in the market. It enables transparency between users, customers, products, and your business. The question and answer module help the owner to put the product-related question and answer on product pages, and it also helps the customer in buying decision. The customer can get all the necessary answers related to its products.

PrestaShop Testimonials Module

This module helps the owners to add elegant testimonials to their PrestaShop store. It is a crucial part and parcel of any online store to show client testimonials on the website. It enables the audience to achieve the customers' trust, which ultimately enhances sales conversions. 

Why PrestaShop Addons?

In today's time, it is not okay to say that a specific set of features are enough for everyone. It is not applied to digital products but also to physical products. Bu growing online business, no portal can completely accommodate each person's requirements. To solve this problem, PrestaShop is devised a strategy. The strategy provides multiple features and functions to help PrestaShop modules or PrestaShop addons. 
Some business owners say that if this addon is not developed, they can't survive in the long run. The feature-rich website will create a powerful impact on sales and conversion. 

Why should you consider TMD for PrestaShop Plugin Development?

You are considering various reasons before selecting the right development partner for your business. At TMD, we are a team of enthusiast PrestaShop developers, programmers, and engineers who work seriously in providing the best solution for your business. We also always strive to provide the client to resolve their online queries in any possible way. 
We also offer fresh PrestaShop Themes and Modules installations for businesses who are just starting out to use PrestaShop for their E-commerce store online.

Visit TMD Extensions to find a wide range of PrestaShop addons, modules, and extensions to scale your online store built on the PrestaShop framework. Our addons provide special features to help you get conversions and increase your sales.

TMD has over 10 Years of experience in building and creating a variety of plugins for PrestaShop store owners to improve their store revenue through conversion and sales. Therefore, if you are keen to scale your PrestaShop store you might find these PrestaShop addons helpful that are dedicated to improving conversion on your store.

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