PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module

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PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module
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Overview Of TMD PrestaShop Faq AddOn

PrestaShop Product FAQ is the best tool that allows you to answer your customer's frequently asked queries. With the help of this module, you can add an FAQ section to each product page.

Moreover, it's among the top PrestaShop Addons in the marketplace that saves you time by avoiding answering the same questions daily. Now easily create & manage FAQs with this FAQ addon.

Create Unlimited FAQs: Create as many FAQs & Categories and integrate them with each product.

Separate FAQs Page: It generates a separate FAQs page for your online store.

Multiple shops compatibility: It is compatible with multiple shops.

Place Anywhere: Display the FAQ section on your product page tab, in-between and footer.

 Manage FAQs And It's Categories

PrestaShop advanced FAQ module allows you to create custom categories by mentioning its title, meta description, keywords, and more. This feature allows your customer easily search FAQs related to the specific product.

Admin can add FAQs under a specific category. Above all, Admin can quickly edit FAQs and categories and apply mass actions that save a lot of time.

prestashop faq list showing categories wise

FAQ Section On Product Pages

Sometimes it's not enough to provide only a product description of the feature. With the help of this addon, you can add frequently asked questions that are being asked by your prospects regarding a specific product.

FAQs help your customer easily understand the product they want to purchase in their own language. Answering customers' queries effectively is a great way to generate trust among your target audience.

Moreover, you can add text, images, videos, and downloadable resources to answers.

PrestaShop FAQ Addon Features

It not only helps your customers understand the product but also helps your customer understand the product in a better way with the help of videos, images, and other download material. Let's explore all the features of this module.

We have categorized the features into different categories, let's have a look.

faqs created using prestashop faq addon

General Setting

  • Create FAQ page
  • Create and assign FAQs to categories.
  • Display the FAQ on the footer of product pages.
  • Have the content answer open and closed FAQs on the front end.
  • Associate the FAQs with the product at the time of adding or updating the list.
  • You can also open all the answers on the product page with the help of the default option.
  • You can set the display of the FAQs module as per your requirement.
  • How the FAQs on the screen will display is totally up to you.
  • You can set the sequence and number of FAQs as per your preference.

FAQ Features

  • The pro option in the PrestaShop FAQ plugin allows your customers to ask and send any questions easily.
  • You can also use email for sending questions.
  • Questions automatically saved at the backend.
  • Send a reply to a question from the backend.
  • Ask a question button is available on each product page.
  • Security is available with Captcha.
  • There is an option to enable or disable the ask a question form on any of the pages.
  • Also, there is an option to enable and disable the security Captcha.
  • You can enable, edit or disable the FAQs or even the category.

SEO Optimized 

  • This addon comes with a friendly URL.
  • You can also customize the meta keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions.

 Benefits Of Having PrestaShop Advance FAQ Module

FAQs attachment on pages

Attach the Frequently Asked Questions section on each of your product pages and describe your products better to your customers. Providing FAQs on every product page saves you a lot of time.

You do not need to explain the same questions to every customer again and again for every product.

writing a new faq in prestashop website

Create Categories

You can organize the related faqs of your product in the category. One advantage of keeping the category-wise faqs is that the customers can easily find their desired questions and also know the answers to such questions, about which they Wouldn't even have thought.

Solve Customers Queries

The biggest purpose of FAQs is that you can answer the commonly asked questions of your customers and also save a lot of your time. You can easily solve this need of yours through our PrestaShop Product FAQs.

On your product page, customers can see many FAQs, which are generally related to that product.

Connects Your Customers With Your Website

FAQs build a strong and trusting connection between you and your customers, which strengthens your company's CRM (customer relationship management).

FAQs with search option

In this module, we give you the option of searching. If you have too many FAQs on your website, then your customers can find their desired questions by searching in the given search bar.

let's add the PrestaShop FAQ module to your product pages and help your customers clear their queries even before they ask.

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