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What Is An SEO Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis usually means analyzing your successful competitors who are doing well in SEO and is ahead of you. There are mainly 2 simple issues with every new or old website. The first is, there is no traffic at all to your website or online store, and the other is there is traffic but no conversion at all. If you are one of them you need competitive analysis for your website. So there are many to do a competitor analysis and these are like finding your competitor, keyword gap analysis, content analysis, SEPP analysis, and your link gap analysis. Thus the main concern for competitive analysis is to analyze what's working for your competitors like which keywords they are using, what is their content and who they link to etc., and leverage it to improve your own SEO efforts.

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Our SEO Competitive Analysis

Domain Overview
To see the full picture of your competitors, we analyze your domain in terms of your rival's presence in the online market to discover their organic and paid keyword backlinks and ads. Analyzing the domain overview includes the performance of your competitors both on Desktop as well as mobile
Organic Research
Uncover competitors keyword strategies, analyze it and check how they appear in the SERP features. Organic research is usually about finding all your rivals in terms of organic search results simply putting it together it means what gets measured get improved. Organic ranking is a core feature of any SEO analysis.
Traffic Analysis
Why Traffic Analysis? Traffic analysis is all about finding your competitor's traffic sources, evaluate user behavior and reveal their top referring domains. If your website or store is lacking enough traffic, then analyzing your main website for key traffic sources is the key to success, and then perform competitors Analysis.
Backlink Analytics
Analyze your competitor IPs, TLD distribution, backlink profiles, find referring domains, discover backlink building opportunities by tracking their lost links. Backlinks acts as one of the major factor in SEO ranking, hence finding access to your competitor banklinks is a great way to leverage this intelligence to improve your own SEO efforts.
Keyword Gap
Keyword gap analysis allows you to find new keywords for SEO, AdWords, product listing ad which are basically product ads that you can set up PLA ads with the help of your e-commerce merchant account, and uncover keywords targeted by your rivals but not you. Gap analysis of your competitors for those perfect keywords will ensure success.
Backlink Gap Analysis
Our dedicated SEO experts support the backlink gap analysis service which helps you to discover websites linking to your rivals but not you, evaluate their authority, and export this data in just a click. This will allow you to improve your link-building strategy and approach. Build links that your competitors link to.

Core Benefits of Competitive Analysis

Learn from competitor
Set accurate targeting
Find new audiences