Overview of Shopify Mobile App (Android)

The e-commerce market is the biggest market. But it is now evolving into M-commerce where M stands for mobile. More and more users move to mobile, not because the Internet is cheap but also Mobile app keep distracting things out of view. Our Android App also followed these rules while creating the design to maximize revenue.

We try to give your all possible feature into the app which is already present on a website. We followed the Website while creating an app. App has all features and pages like wishlist, return list, product return, quick checkout, Moreover, we also added category list, product list in listview and gridview, and product page. Information pages are also included.

According to a Statista study, worldwide mobile commerce revenues amounted to 96.34 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and are set to surpass 693 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

How Our Android App Is Better Than Others

The app consists of many advanced features like behavior tracking, changing color theme, one-page checkout, supports all shipping methods, and much more. Sending the push notification message is quite easy.

Android application is designed by TMD for Shopify website users and store owners. This android app is designed to place orders and view the status of orders from the app itself which is integrated into your main website. Admin can also view the status of the order.

Tracking Like Google Analytics

The app is not just for selling stuff to the customer. We added more value to into app. For marketers, to the website owner, everyone looks for customer behavior data to improve their service and seek to increase revenue.

The app is integrated with Firebase to track customer retention and behavior data. These data can be seen at any time by going into Google Firebase dashboard.

You will get page view, order overview, new customer information, login customer. Order overview is specially created just for the marketer. Order overview is consists of order id, total price, no. of products. This information can be further validated in the admin. Here is the feature described below.


Now You can track orders coming from the app. This will give you insight into how you can improve your app to get more orders.

Product Retention

Another feature of the app is, you can check on which product gets more views and how much time is spent by the customer. By using this data you can make most view products into the most selling product. It is cool like Google Analytic right? Yes, These features will help you

Login And Register

Yeah. Customer gathering is one of the main work of sales. That's why now you can track no customer registration from the app and match it with your sales funnel. It is a very useful feature made especially for the Shopify website.


App speed uses fewer API requests to show data. Which makes the app speed faster. The app does not use any device hardware which lagging and slow rendering to display content.

Shopify Android App shows product images within a few seconds and stores them into the app for next time. It helps Customers to see product images easily while using the slow internet network.

100% Native, No Hidden Webview

The app is created in android studio using the purely native language. Using native languages makes the android app performance better and helps run the app without any kind of special permission or JS library. There is no hidden webview used to show data. We hate using the webview as much as you do.

Payment Process According to Google Privacy Standard

Payment processing is an important part of any business and following rules makes it better. App followed Google privacy policy and payment process policy to make it as secure as we can. App uses a secure payment system to the transaction between the customer and your website.

Shopify Android app does not require any special permission like other apps. Running the app requires permissions.

Compatible With All Android Versions

Our app is tested up to Android version 9. Android app works great in the lower version also. We have added backward compatibility to android version 4.4. We care about every customer and know the value of them for your business. App optimized to use less hardware to utilize performance and increase overall device battery lifetime. Shopify android app runs smoothly on all android devices.

Quick Checkout

The faster checkout process makes it easy to place orders. Our android app consists of one-page checkout to improve the checkout process. Customers can select shipping and payment methods. Subtotal will increase automatically upon selection of payment and shipping methods. This will give tell the customer they may charge less or more. It also adds trust to your website.

All Shipping Method Supports

App support All types of shipping methods are available on the Shopify website. The app will only show that Shipping methods are enabled on your website. App checkout is working like websites, App checkout page will only show those shipping methods applicable for products present in customers' carts. It will help your business to gain more trust in the customer.

5 Default Payment Methods Supports

App offers secure payment transactions for the order. Order proceed fast and payment transaction only happens on payment gateway website. App uses the non-seamless method to process the payments.

App gives 5 payment methods for free. These are, CcAvennue, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Paylink. App also shows COD as a payment method, if enabled on the website. Additional payment methods can be shown on demand. We will create a payment method for the app if your website uses anything other than this payment method.

Note: Creating a payment method will take time and hence cost you extra.

Simple And Effective Design

Our designer followed the modern but creative design. App has an attractive design with simple navigation. Made for mobile and tablet with all screens.

The app provides easy navigation and a simple but attractive design. App has the same process as Shopify website contains. Your customer will feel like they are accessing your website.

Push Notification

Push notification is well known to engage your customers. And make increase your profit. According to one survey, Push notification to give boosts sales of Big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and others by 70%. You can send a message to customers. Moreover, you can send a message and message have an option to link to a product.

Reliable Updated Version Checking Page

We focused on every aspect of mobile app development. App uses the most reliable system to check is there any updated version available on Google Play Store. Like top apps, the android app uses force to update mechanisms.

The app will notify your customer there if a newer version is available. Please update your app. Whenever a customer opens the app they will see the updated version page. Our app lets the customer select one of two options: Update App or Skip. The skip option lets the customer use app until 10 days.

After 10 days the customer will prompt to force an update. Without doing an update from the play store, the customer won't use your app. updated Whenever an updated version of the app is available on the play store.

Color Changer

Android app for Shopify uses a dynamic color theme option instead of static. The website owner can always change App color theme to match the website color theme. This feature is designed for the marketer to change the color theme according to occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, Festival, and other days.

Changing the color theme is extremely easy. Website admin or user can change the app's color theme from the app setting. The newly changed color will reflect when the app is relaunched. Your customer will be excited when seeing a new color theme. It is a nice trick to get customer retention

A Complete E-commerce App For Your Customer

The app has all the necessary pages to give a complete e-commerce portal. Where the customer can purchase the product and can check their order list and information. We try to give you all features of the app which is already present on the website. We followed the Website while creating an app. Homepage, category list, product list in listview and gridview, and product page. cart page, one-page checkout is also included.

On the other hand, the app also has order lists and information, wishlist, return products, return lists, transaction lists, address list, and create/edit address pages.

Information pages like about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other pages are also linked. Customers can navigate to these links to read information about your website.