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We are the developers and designers of android and iOS mobile apps.

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular for brands and businesses. Therefore we serve businesses both small and large to establish their brand presence on android and iOS stores.

We can develop any kind of business application that requires an app for the purpose of driving sales and conversions.

Popularly the demand for most apps arises when a business grows into a brand. 

Therefore if you are a store owner and you want to reach your existing audience or target a new audience to your business an app can directly become beneficial for your business.

Unlike websites that are in much more demand, not everybody requires an app.

Because most big brands come up with the idea of launching apps for their e-commerce store that has already been in the marketplace for a long time.

Therefore if you feel that there is a need for an app for your business you are at the right place.

We are a team of engineers and mobile app developers who work in both android and iOS. 

Our Key Mobile Apps Development Technology

Mobile apps are designed to run on mobile-based devices and these apps have their own importance and significance in business.

Most mobile apps are designed for marketing purposes and business productivity while some are for e-commerce, travel and entertainment, and educational purposes.

Almost in every sector, there is a need for mobile apps that serve some purpose of business.

Therefore as a business owner,  you have different technology considerations for building an app such as native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.

To understand the types of apps that we develop,  let us take a closer look at what these apps are:

a) Native Apps

Native apps are those that are specially built for a particular mobile operating system such as windows, android, or iOS. 

These apps are called native apps because they run only on their own operating system and do not support any other operating system.

An app built for the Windows platform won't run on Android or iOS and vice versa.

Therefore these apps can only be downloaded from their native stores.

For example, a windows app is available on the Microsoft store, an android app is available at Google Play Store and an iOS app is available only on the Apple app store.

The main benefits of developing native apps for your business include custom apps that are highly user interactive, have a good UI,  and have high-end performance.

And adds more cost towards development, support, and maintenance.

b) Web Apps

Web apps are applications that behave like native apps but aren't the same as native apps.

While native apps get installed on your mobile machine, web apps are installed on browsers and are usually written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Because these apps require browsers to run they redirect users to specific URLs and offer them the option to run the app.

As a result, these apps require less memory to get installed on mobile devices because it simply creates a bookmark on the browser page.

These apps require internet connectivity to access the app because the app and data are installed on the server.

And therefore the performance of the app depends on internet connectivity.

c) Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are a combination of both native and web apps. 

Why is it called hybrid? Hybrid applications basically function as web applications that cover native packaging.

These apps are essentially web apps that are put in a native app shell and it works similar to native apps and is downloadable to the device.

Hybrid apps are easy and fast to develop, which is a clear benefit. You also get a single codebase for all the platforms.

This brings down the expense of support and smoothes out the refreshing system. Designers can likewise exploit numerous APIs for elements like spinner or geolocation.

However, hybrid packages may additionally lack velocity and performance.

You may also experience some design issues because applications may not look the same on two or more platforms.

Why Choose TMD as your Mobile Apps Partner?

TMD is one of the leading software development companies in India in the field of IT & Business applications for e-commerce and business enterprises.

It has years of experience in designing building and scaling applications for business.

We have developed hundreds of mobile apps in various business sectors such as e-commerce, retail business, and enterprise-wide applications.

TMD also has a specialized team working for specific platforms and industry domains.

We provide cutting-edge technologies to stay on top of the latest trends and technological development.

And make projects delivered on time as per the project timeline.

We also provide great support and maintenance after the delivery of the project.

Customer satisfaction is our motto and we deliver custom mobile apps development as per our client's requirements.

For more information consult with us today.

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