Prestashop Custom Size Chart Module

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Prestashop Custom Size Chart Module
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PrestaShop Custom Size Chart Module is one of the best PrestaShop addons in the marketplace. This Extension help admin to show the product's detail in Size-chart. From the module setting, you can set a size chart heading with multiple values. Size can have as many rows as required. There is no limit of no. of rows of size.

What this module does for you

Improve inventory management
custom size chart extension gives the simplest way to create a size chart for products. Admin can add unlimited size information with multiple rows with heading and values. Heading will always one row but values can have multiple rows. Pressing the plus and remove buttons will add new rows for values and remove value row respected.
The number of cells in the value row can be any number. Admin has to enter the number of cells used for values and that number of cells will be created.
Admin can write the name, description of a custom size. This will show above of size information. The description can have multiple lines.

What your customers will like

size chart extension given 4 places to display the size chart on the product page. These are shown in the popup, create a new tab named size chart with description tab, inside, outside of the description of the product.
Selecting the popup will create a new button named custom size chart on the product page, whenever a customer clicks on the button, will show the popup containing the assigned size chart.
If the admin wants to show the size chart below the description of product then select the inside description layout option. Else, select outside the description option.

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