Quick View For Woocommerce

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Quick View For Woocommerce
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It is helpful for store owners to navigate to product information quickly. Customers can buy the product if they like them. The plugin has some excellent features. It is quick, easy, and more convenient for customers. It is compatible with all default plugin like related, feature search, and others present in the Wordpress. Quick view will be automatically shown on the product list. Admin can decide which information should show on the product page. Enable/Disable toggle for information like Rating, Price, Stock, Review, Related Product, etc are some of the information setting present in the plugin. Hovering over the product, a quick view button will appear, clicking over the button will open the popup containing the product information enabled by the admin setting.

After installing the plugin, there will be a quick view of setting the present store level setting page. There will be a tab called Quick product Setting in the admin. All the settings are present there. All these setting enables and disable making admin work easy to display and hide on product quick view popup. Information Shown on-page will be shown and hide from admin setting Add to Cart Button, Wish list, Rating, Price, Stock, Review, Related Product, Reward Point, Description are present in the plugin setting. Admin can set the background color of the quick view button that shows on the product while doing hover from the admin. This helps the website theme perfectly to view. Here is a list of information that can be shown and hide from the plugin setting from the admin.

Demo Admin user: demo

demo  Admin Psw : demo

  • Enable and disable the quick view plugin.
  • Add to Cart Button.
  • Rating
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Review
  • Related Product
  • Description
  • Quick view Button background and Text Color
  • Quick view Icon and Button
  • Padding in pixel around the product information contained in the popup
  • Quick view Language Text and Button.

  • Document online

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