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WordPress Form Builder
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Overview Of TMD WordPress Form Builder Plugin

The WordPress form builder is a plugin that allows the admin to build and manage all kinds of forms for your website such as contact forms, support tickets, refunds, inquiries, surveys, etc.

Admin can create unlimited forms. All form has a shortcode that will use to show it anywhere on the website. It saves all the records. Success and error messages can also be configured from the setting.

Configure the Google re-captcha to prevent spam and auto submission by the bot. Custom style Style customization can be done from "Custome Style" setting in the form builder.

Shortcode can be used to show the form. All the records will be saved in the admin that can be viewed later and contact the customer accordingly.

Admin user password for demo checking

Username: demouser

Password: demouser

Create New Forms In Admin

Admin can create forms whenever required for the website.

The form can have multimedia fields in a form. Admin can select field type, name, placeholder text, error text, the field is required or not, sort order, etc. Also, the admin can show and hide the field by changing its status.

Adding a new field, and removing existing fields is too easy. Admin can also enter the option text in the select field like we have a selection of countries in the dropdown. It makes form creation work easier and smoother.

Moreover, the admin can enter the message that appears after the form is successfully submitted. Enter the re-captcha keys to enable it. A shortcode will generate for each form.

There is a search bar present. This is an advance search that searches into form name, shortcode status, and date to give the best matching result.

  • Name
  • Placeholder
  • Error
  • Status
  • Required
  • 14 Types of fields
  • default Value
  • Sort order
  • Re-captcha setting
  • Submit button text
  • Success message on submission
  • Enable/Disable the whole form
  • Form List contains status and shortcode
  • Edit and delete the existing form
  • Search filter

admin creating new form using tmd wordpress form builder

Display The Form Using Shortcode

Each form has a unique automatic generated shortcode. It can use to show the form anywhere on the WordPress site. Shortcode converts to linked form whenever page/post/sidebar will load in the browser.

The form will load the fields and succuss messages from the setting. Users can upload the file/image that will also save on the website and downloadable link attached to the form record.

Check Individual Form Records

WordPress form builder plugin saves form records submitted by users. On the All form record page, the admin can find the list of forms and their records. It has the form name and submitted date.

Individual form submission can be checked by hitting the view icon of the form. It will open the selected form and show the data entered by the user. The attachment file/image can be downloaded to the device.

A search bar is given, where the admin can filter the record by form name or submitted date. It will help when you want to see one kind of form submission only.

Form List

  • Form name
  • submitted date

Form Submitted Data

  • Field name
  • Customer entered value
  • Downloadable file attachment link

form submission list with individual detail view icon wordpress form builder plugin

Add Own CSS To Match With Your Website

There is a setting for writing CSS code in the plugin. If you want to make changes to style form or looking to change the color of form label text, input fields, success message text, etc. then just write CSS code in the additional CSS setting.

The CSS will instantly apply to the form. There is no need to touch the website theme files. It will assist the developer to make the form more consistent across the website pages.

Supports All WordPress Themes

This plugin is supported and tested with many famous themes. Flatsome, Porto, WoodMart, XStore are some names of the themes in our theme test list. Form created by the WordPress form builder plugin will look like a part of the website. It takes text and color, input field style, etc from the website theme.

If you are using a custom theme made specifically for your website. Still, our plugin will work.

Compatible With the Latest WordPress Version

TMDExtension follows WordPress code standards to create a form builder plugin. It works perfectly on 5.9 version of WordPress.It is also tested up to the latest stable version 5.9.1.

Testing has been done using the unit test to give the best quality of work. There will be no core file will alter after the installation of the plugin into your website.

Your website files will remain the same and untouched after the installation of TMDExtension WordPress Plugins and Themes. The website will remain to function as it does. It is easy to use right? Yeah!


If you have any kind of question or looking for support. Please create a ticket.


    Last Update 25 Dec 2023

    Published 15 Dec 2022

    High Resolution Yes

    Compatible Browsers ->  IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

    Files Included ->  JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

    Software Version -> WordPress 6.3.1, WordPress 5.9.x, WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x

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