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Overview Of TMD WordPress Form Builder Plugin

TMD's WordPress purchase Order plugin is one-click PO generation, which makes placing orders simple for store owners. It also allows you to manually construct purchase orders by selecting suppliers and products.

It allows you to create purchase orders for your suppliers directly from your administration panel. So, instead of manually submitting purchase orders to your supplier, automate the process.

This solution is critical for any Woocommerce store that maintains large or small inventories and has various suppliers. This addition makes the process of creating and managing Purchase Orders more rational and organized.

Manage Supplier Information

Admin can create a list of website product suppliers in this purchase order plugin. Add the necessary information while creating a new supplier. There is a search section is given to find the specific supplier from the list.

This supplier will use to attach the payment method, and product and generate the purchase order.

You can maintain and update the information of suppliers such as.

  • Company Name.
  • Email.
  • Mobile.
  • Concerned person.
  • Region.
  • City and other information.

woocommercet add supplier in purchase order

Add Payment Methods And Terms

Different suppliers are taking payment according to their business. That's why in this plugin admin can add multiple payment methods for the supplier.

There is an option to create a list of payment terms. According to payment terms, payment will be made by the website. While generating P.O. admin can select the payment term for the supplier.

Admin can add or delete a new payment method whenever the supplier changes the payment accepting method. There is a search bar present above the payment list.

  • Cash.
  • Card.
  • Net banking.
  • Cheque.
  • Add more.

woocommercet payment method listin purchase order

 Link Product To The Supplier

This functionality allows store administrators to link suppliers and products. It's simple to construct a PO without supplying inputs for items on the selected suppliers once products are linked to them.

The products are instantly fetched in the Purchase order once you select your supplier, and you can also remove any items you don't wish to order right now.

woocommerce link product to supplier in purchcase order

Create Purchase Orders

Admin can create purchase orders for your supplier right from the plugin. Just search the supplier by name, add the invoice number, and reference code, and enter the starting and end date of the order. After that send created P.O. to the supplier's email.

Select the product that is linked to the selected supplier. Select the payment term and add the shipping cost and grand total that you are going to pay.

After the supplier completed an order and shipped the product to the website, the admin can update the status of the invoice to paid and due. Also, update the number of products the website received.

Create Purchase Oder

  • Search supplier.
  • Selecting product.
  • Payment terms.
  • Shipping cost.
  • Grand total.
  • Reference code.
  • Invoice number.
  • Order date and due date.

Manage Purchase Order

  • Edit order.
  • Send invoice.
  • Update status.
  • Return order.
  • Print invoice.
  • Invoice information.
  • Search purchase order.

woocommercet creating purchase order

 Print & Download PDF invoice

Invoice PDF is important in the business smoothly. The plugin has given the option to download and print the invoice pdf. The Print Style contains all of the necessary information in a neat and clear format for vendors to analyze your order and release things as soon as possible according to the order deadline.

Supplier and website address, product information, order date, invoice number, total amount, etc.

 Send Email To The Vendor Upon Receiving An Order

This is an optional function for the business owner, so if you want to send an email to your vendors upon receipt of goods against a Buy Order, simply change your PO to send an email against those purchase items with a reference to the PO.

Able to populate products for Purchase Order based on selected Supplier

This tool allows business owners to swiftly produce purchased order based on their preferred suppliers.

If you have ties to your products with a certain supplier, your PO will populate all items as soon as you pick the respective supplier in the link product supplier master of this module for which the products and supplier are linked.

 Optional Automated Stock Update Upon Receiving An Order

This PO module allows you to update your stocks on Goods Receipt against this Purchase Order if you wish to keep your inventory up to date.

Once the products have been delivered to your location, you can update your inventory by amending the purchase order form with the PO Reference against which the goods have been received.

As a result, this functionality allows store administrators to easily track the status of PO receipts.

Supports All WooCommerce Themes

This plugin is supported and tested with many famous themes. Flatsome, Porto, WoodMart, XStore are some names of the themes in our theme test list. Form created by the WooCommerce purchase order plugin will look like a part of the website. It WordPress admin theme to show all pages.

If you are using a custom theme made specifically for your website. Still, our plugin will work.

Compatible With the Latest WooCommerce Version

TMDExtension follows WooCommerce code standards to create a custom tab for the product page Plugin. It works perfectly on 5.x to 6.x versions of WooCommerce. It is also tested up to the latest stable version 6.3.1.

Testing has been done using the unit test to give the best quality of work. There will be no core file will alter after the installation of the plugin into your website.

Your website files will remain the same and untouched after the installation of TMDExtension WooCommerce Plugins and Themes. The website will remain to function as it does. It is easy to use right? Yeah!


If you have any kind of question or looking for support. Please create a ticket.


    Last Update 25 sep 2023

    Published 15 Dec 2022

    High Resolution Yes

    Compatible Browsers ->  IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

    Files Included ->  JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

    Software Version -> WordPress 6.3.1, WordPress 5.9.x, WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x

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