8 Best WordPress Forms Plugins for Improving Leads & Conversions

There are various WordPress forms plugins available on the market today and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your website.

Therefore we have decided to list some of the best Forms Plugins for WordPress site Users to make their lead collection process easy.

Most of these plugins are available for free but premium WordPress forms plugins go beyond simplicity and make it more user interactive.

So let’s take a look at what these plugins are and what they do.


WordPress Forms Plugins: What is it?

WordPress Forms Plugins are one of the most important plugins of all other plugins for your site mainly for collecting leads and your subscriber’s information.

They are a great way to design and create custom forms for your WordPress Website and target micro and macro conversions.

These plugins allow users to easily create forms such as contact forms, surveys, registration pages, and any other type of forms.

Therefore while deciding which form plugin is right for you, consider how customizable each plugin is.

Look at its features and user reviews to find out if it’s compatible with other web technologies you might use such as AJAX or HTML5.

It’s also important to make sure that the plugin is secure and up-to-date with the latest WordPress security requirements.

Also check, if the plugin has any add-on options or integrations with third-party systems like HubSpot or MailChimp.

This will help you to manage your email contact and CRM database.


Difference Between Free and Premium WordPress Forms Plugins

WordPress forms plugins are great tools for website owners who want to build a better user experience on their sites.

They provide a range of features and functions, from simple contact forms to complex customization options and data collection.

So what is the difference between free and premium WordPress forms plugins?

Free plugins offer basic capabilities, such as creating contact and registration forms.

However, they are usually limited in terms of features, functionality, and support.

As such, they may not be suitable for large or complex websites that require more specialized features and customization options.

Premium plugins provide all the necessary tools to create custom forms tailored to specific business needs.

They often come with additional features such as analytics tracking, advanced security measures, multi-page form capabilities, autoresponders, automated workflow processes, and more.


8 Best WordPress Forms Plugins for Collecting Leads & Subscribers Info.

Here are the seven best WordPress Forms Plugins to help you seamlessly generate any kind of form for your business.

If you are a WordPress user and you are keen on improving your website lead-generation experience these WordPress forms will surely help you.

But we recommend you use the paid plugin to get the more sophisticated side of the plugin’s development features.


1. Gravity Forms: Premium WordPress Plugins

WordPress Gravity Forms is a powerful plugin that enables WordPress users to easily create advanced forms.

This plugin allows users to quickly build a wide variety of forms, including contact, registration, surveys, lead forms, and payment forms.

It is designed to facilitate the process of data collection and submission while also providing additional features such as auto-responders, MailChimp integration, and conditional logic.

Gravity Forms is packed with features that make it easy for even beginner WordPress users to build great-looking forms with confidence.

With its drag-and-drop interface, users can construct complex form layouts without any coding knowledge or experience in web design.

Moreover, authors can customize their own labels and descriptions plus add additional fields with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Gravity Forms also offers other helpful features such as custom post types, validation rules, and spam protection from unwanted submissions.


Best Features of Gravity WordPress Forms Plugins:

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Visual Form Editor
  • Workflow automation
  • Create a Nested Form within the Form
  • Use Conditional logic helps to build advanced forms
  • Create custom order forms using coupons
  • Build membership forms and enable registrations
  • Build a Mailing list with Subscription forms
  • Multiple Addons Expansion Pack
  • Collect feedback with Survey forms
  • Add payment options with the Order form
  • Third-party apps integration


Pricing Plans:

Gravity WordPress Form Plugins has 3 licenses, the Basic comes at $59, the Pro Plan comes cost $159the and the Elite plan comes at $259 yearly.

Depending on the plan you have the option of managing either a single site or multiple sites.


2. WP Forms

WordPress WPForms plugins are one of the most popular and widely used plugins for creating custom forms on WordPress websites.

They are easy to use, fast loading, and can be customized to suit individual needs.

Users of WPForms have found that it saves them time by allowing them to quickly create custom forms with just a few clicks.

WPForms is an ideal solution for website owners who want to add contact forms, surveys, polls, payment forms, and other types of web forms without needing to write any code or hire a developer.

It is fully customizable so users can easily adjust form fields and customize their own design look and feel.

WPForms also features many built-in features such as drag & drop elements, conditional logic fields, multi-page forms, multiple submit buttons, and more.

One of the great features of WordPress WPForms is its drag-and-drop form builder.

This allows you to quickly create your desired form by dragging different fields onto a canvas that works similarly to a word processor or spreadsheet program.

You can also customize the look and feel of your form with an array of templates available through the plugin’s library.


Best Features of WPForms WordPress Plugin:

  • Drap & Drop WordPress Form Builder
  • 500 plus inbuilt forms templates
  • Create all kinds of forms such as contact, payments, surveys, newsletter, and registration
  • Easy-to-use and customize
  • Come with conditional logic for creating high-end forms
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Spam control and protection
  • Receive payments and online orders
  • No coding
  • Make use of Addons functionality
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps
  • Privacy/ Spam Protection


Pricing Plans:

WPForms are priced under four types of plans they are Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite.

The Basic WPforms plugins subscription comes at $99, the Plus comes at $199, the Pro $399 and the elite plan comes at $599.

All these plans are charged on a yearly basis. For updated prices check the official website


3. Happy Forms

WordPress Happy Forms is a modern and intuitive form builder plugin designed to create contact forms, surveys, polls, payment forms, and more.

It provides an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding knowledge or technical skills.

With it, users can customize any type of form quickly and easily with drag-and-drop functionality.

The plugin also offers several features to help protect your data from spam and malicious activities.

The WordPress Happy Forms plugin offers a wide range of features for creating different types of forms such as multi-page forms, conditional logic fields, user registration forms, payment integration options, and much more.

It also comes with dozens of prebuilt templates that you can use as starting points for the design process.

Moreover, it supports a diverse range of field types such as checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, date pickers, etc.


Best Features of HappyForms:

  • Create contact forms, polls, quizzes, feedback forms, and more
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop form builder
  • Customize fields according to needs
  • Third-party integration services like Email Octopus, MailChimp or Zapier, etc.
  • Send notification
  • Field Validation options
  • Multipage forms navigation
  • Extensive library of ready-made form templates
  • Responsive Design
  • Spam and Trash control
  • Payment options
  • Regular updates and fixes
  • Create unlimited forms
  • Use conditional logic with Zero coding
  • Quick and professional support


Pricing Plans:

HappyForms provide a 7-day free trial and are priced under 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 & 100 website management plans.

1 site cost $9.53 per month while 100 sites cost $30.54 per month. You can contact the support team for prices of more than 100 websites.

The subscription can also be canceled anytime

All plans are charged on a monthly basis. For updated prices check their official website


4. Ninja Forms:

Ninja Forms is a free, open-source WordPress plugin that helps users create forms for their websites and manage data.

It allows anyone to quickly and easily build contact forms, surveys, polls, and more without any coding knowledge required.

With Ninja Forms’ drag-and-drop form builder, you can customize your form fields with no technical expertise needed.

There are 18 different pre-built ready-to-use templates to make creating a form even easier!

Ninja Forms also includes features such as custom validation rules and the ability to save user submissions so you can easily track responses or send automatic messages after they submit the form.

It also has an intuitive workflow system allowing you to route users through multiple steps in order to capture specific information from them.


Best Features of NinjaForms:

  • Ninja Form is available for free
  • Pay only for add-ons as you need
  • Drag and drop interface
  • No limit to the number of forms
  • No limit to the number of entries
  • View submission entries
  • Limit the number of submissions
  • Email Notifications and autoresponders
  • Prebuilt form template
  • Use custom HTML fields
  • Manage spam
  • GDPR automation
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Accept payments through a payment form
  • Third-party premium apps integration


Pricing Plans:

NinjaForms has 4 types of plans they are Basic for personal and individual sites, Plus for small businesses, Pro for web design and development agencies, and Elite for large agencies.

Depending on the type of plan, you can get an unlimited number of sites and premium support including all addons.


5. Forminator

Forminator is an online platform designed to help users create custom forms, surveys, and polls.

The plugin has over 300000+ installations and 4.8 five-star ratings among 1184 votes in the WordPress community.

It simplifies the process of collecting data and helps businesses optimize their workflow by automating certain tasks.

With its intuitive user interface, Forminator makes it easy for businesses to customize their forms with different types of fields such as checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, and more.

This plugin can also set up automated emails or design graphical reports based on the collected data.

Forminator provides a wide range of features that make form creation easier than ever.

It enables users to quickly create forms in various styles including contact forms, customer feedback surveys, order forms, and quizzes.

Moreover, it allows you to add additional elements like images or videos for further customization.


Best Features of Forminator WordPress Forms Plugins:

  • Flexible form editor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Comes with pre-made templates
  • Customized form styles and colors
  • Use conditional logic
  • Manage data submission
  • Spam Control
  • Create polls and quizzes
  • Accept payments via stipe and PayPal (one-time and recurring)
  • Support 2000+ third party apps integration
  • Advanced tools and dashboard
  • Auto updates
  • Multi-site support
  • Spam protection
  • GDPR compliant
  • Dynamic pre-filling of forms

Pricing Plans:

The Formidable Forms plugin is priced at Rs. 600 per month


6. Met Form

With over 100000+ active installations it is one of the most innovative and flexible form builders in WordPress.

Metform is a powerful WordPress forms plugin that allows users to create and manage all types of forms quickly and easily.

It offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for even novice webmasters to add, edit, and manage complex forms with minimal effort.

Using Metform, users can create contact, registration, payment, and survey forms in minutes without having to write any code.

The plugin comes with a range of features such as drag-and-drop form builder, multi-page forms support, file uploads support, conditional logic support, reCAPTCHA integration for spam protection, and more.

Metform also integrates with popular services such as Mailchimp or PayPal allowing you to collect payments or capture leads from your website within minutes.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Metform provides an ideal solution for those looking for a powerful yet simple WordPress forms plugin.


Best Features of Metform:

  • Drag and Drop Flexible form builder
  • Supports Elementor
  • Built-in templates and layouts
  • Build multi-step form
  • Use conditional logic and validations
  • Spam protection and Google ReCaptcha
  • Payment methods integration
  • Repeater field option
  • GDPR compliant
  • Notification Emails
  • Third-Party platform integration
  • Latest version with regular updates, etc.


Pricing Plans:

Metform offers 3 types of packages in order to sell their plugin and those are available on a yearly basic, a lifetime plan, and bundle packages.

The annual plan has 3 other plans that start from $87 for professional, agency $189, and $39 for personal.

Check the official website for an updated price list.


7. Everest Form: Best Free WordPress Forms Plugins

This form has a 4.9 rating from around 300 votes with over 100K active installations around the globe.

Everest Forms is a WordPress forms plugin that helps you create highly customizable and responsive web forms.

It is a powerful and user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder tool that enables you to build contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, registration forms, subscription forms, and more.

This easy-to-use plugin has a wide range of features that makes creating and customizing professional-looking web forms a breeze.

With Everest Forms, you can easily create stunning online forms with minimal effort.

The intuitive drag & drop system lets you customize your form fields quickly and easily, allowing you to add text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists, etc.

You can also add multiple columns for complex field arrangements as well as use various prebuilt templates for a faster form-building process.


Best Features of Everest Forms:

  • Create any form in minutes with Drag & Drop Builder
  • Pre Designed Form Templates
  • Unlimited Form Fields
  • Repeater Fields
  • View Form entries on the Dashboard
  • Third-party Email & CRM software integrations
  • Forms Designer
  • Spam Protection
  • Import & Export Features
  • Premium Addons
  • PDF form submission
  • Geolocation
  • Conditional logic
  • Create Surveys, Polls & Quiz
  • Payments integration
  • Email & SMS Notifications with Auto Responders
  • Mobile Responsive
  • GDPR Compliant and more


Pricing Plans:

Everest form has both free and premium plans and also offers a lifetime plan which is best for agencies.

There are 4 premium plans available in EverestForms viz. Personal, Plus, Professional, and Agency.

The Personal plan offers a 1 site license, Plus offers 5 sites, the Professional offers 25 licenses and Agency offers unlimited licenses.

The price of the Personal plan starts at $69, Plus $149, Professional at $299, and Agency at $299 on a yearly basic

However, all these plans are also available for a lifetime on their lifetime offerings.

Check the official website for their offer price.


8.  Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms is an intuitive, easy-to-use plugin that helps you create beautiful, modern contact forms quickly and easily.

The Free version of Fluent Form has some major limitations, the premium version provides payment options, file upload, a signature field, and more.

It is packed with features that make creating complex form structures simple and straightforward.

Fluent Forms stands out from other WordPress form plugins because of its drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to visually construct their own unique forms without any technical knowledge or experience.

The plugin also includes dozens of pre-built templates for different form types such as contact us, registration, surveys, order processing, and more – making it quick and simple to get started.

This plugin provides advanced features such as conditional logic support so users can customize their forms according to the data they need from visitors.


Best Features of Fluent Forms:

  • Free core update available
  • Flexible drag-and-drop User Interface
  • Unlimited number of forms + entries
  • View entries in the WordPress dashboard
  • View submission entries
  • Multiple form autoresponder
  • Redirection after page submission
  • Custom HTML field
  • Pre-built form templates
  • Spam Management
  • 100% Mobile responsive
  • Action Hooks
  • File & Image Upload
  • Conditional Logic
  • Ajax Form submission and more


Pricing Plans:

There is a free pricing plan in Fluent Forms but the premium plan has more features and flexibility.

Fluent forms provide both annual and lifetime licenses along with 3 plans viz single site license, Agency license, and Unlimited license.

A yearly Single site license comes at $59, Agency at $129, and an Unlimited license at $199.

Whereas a lifetime Single site cost $299, Agency $499, and an Unlimited license comes at a price of $899.

For the best offers look for price details on their official website



WordPress forms plugins are a great way to collect information from website visitors in an organized, secure manner.

They allow for flexibility and customization to create any type of form required for your business needs.

However, it is better to go for premium plugins that offer a lot more features than the free plugin.

Some of the best premium features include spam prevention, integration with marketing tools, and tracking capability that makes them even more useful.

But pricing varies from one plugin to another, and if you don’t want to pay on a subscription then you have the option to go for a lifetime plan.

Look for the best offers available for a lifetime plan along with the amazing features and benefits that you require.

These plugins will surely help you to improve your lead-generation campaigns

They are very user-friendly and easy to install and configure on your WordPress website.

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