Best WordPress Hosting Providers for Website Owners

Our evaluation of the best WordPress hosting providers is based on empirical data from pure performance tests, real-world speed trials, user reviews from the most powerful survey, and our expertise in managing WordPress sites with large traffic.

Explore more to discover which company will provide the optimal hosting for WordPress for your specific requirements. Here are some of the excellent WordPress hosting providers of 2022.

But before we deep dive into hosting for WordPress, the question is what is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a platform that provides users with a server to host their WordPress website. This type of hosting is different from traditional web hosting, as it offers specific features and tools that are designed to work with WordPress software. It can be provided by a number of different providers, each of which offers different features and price points.

And also provides users with an easy way to manage and update their websites without having to worry about the technical aspects of hosting. This article will help you understand hosting for WordPress and how to choose the best provider for your needs.


Benefits and Importance of WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that is specifically designed to work with the WordPress platform. The benefits of hosting for WordPress include improved performance, increased security, and easy scalability. WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world, powering millions of websites. WordPress hosting provides a unique set of features and advantages that make it the ideal choice for powering a WordPress website.

Some of the benefits of hosting for WordPress include:

  • Hosting for WordPress includes increased security features that are specific to WordPress. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your website is secure.
  • It can be more reliable than other types of hosting. This is because WordPress hosts typically have experience with WordPress and know how to optimize their servers for it.
  • Improved Performance: One of the biggest advantages of WordPress hosting is improved performance. WordPress websites hosted on a dedicated server can see up to 2x the speed and 4x the resources compared to shared hosts. This can have a major impact on your website’s loading times, user experience, and overall success.
  • If you’re running a WordPress website, then you should consider using hosting for WordPress as it provides everything while need to scale WordPress
  • WordPress hosting can provide improved performance. WordPress websites hosted on a dedicated server can see up to 2x the speed and 4x the resources compared to shared hosts. This can have a major impact on your website’s loading times, user experience, and overall success.


Choosing the Best Hosting for WordPress

  • Determine what type of hosting you need
  • Compare features and prices
  • Consider ease of use, customer support and security
  • Read reviews from other WordPress users
  • Make your decision and enjoy your new WordPress site


15 Best WordPress Hosting Providers for Website Owners

All WordPress website owners have a few primary concerns while selecting the best WordPress hosting from a list of service providers.

Here are the 15 best WordPress hosting services outlined for your perusal.

This will help you to get focused on several factors before you make a decision to pay for a subscription.


1. Hostinger Hosting for WordPress

Hostinger is exceptional because of its reasonable costs and quick page loads. Just how low can you go? Hostinger’s managed WordPress plan for a single website is currently the cheapest option, beginning at just $1.99 per month. A terrific deal considering the low monthly price of only $3.99, even if only for a short period.

And there is a catch: for only a dollar more each month (currently $3.99), you can set up a hundred websites with a hundred gigabytes of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. You can host a hundred websites for less than the price of a monthly cup of coffee.

A quick loading time is a feature. Their website boasts a lightning-fast server response time of 43 ms, which is impressive. That’s “slower” than the time it takes for lightning to strike by only 13 milliseconds. Moreover, all three of Hostinger’s hosting options (shared, VPS, and WordPress) load in considerably under a second on average.

With Hostinger’s new page speed insights function, you can quickly and easily analyze your site’s performance over time. The new server transfer function guides how to optimize loading times. You can now try out modifications to your site without impacting the live version due to the company’s new powerful malware scanner and WordPress staging tool.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a web host that offers affordable rates and reliable service, you’ve found the right place. Get started with Hostinger right now if you want to maximize the number of sites you can host at a reasonable cost.


2. Bluehost WordPress Hosting

As one of the three web providers that WordPress officially recommends, Bluehost is a popular choice. That’s as high praise as you can give for WordPress hosting. Why do so many people choose Bluehost? Setting up your company is simple. After you get going, it takes a few minutes to install WordPress, and then you can publish your bare-bones site to the web.

To get your site up and running how you want it to, read our comprehensive instructions on making a website. Bluehost is favoured by many also because its massive user base has helped iron out any bugs or problems that may arise during website creation or maintenance.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to give Bluehost a go, perhaps this will: Bluehost’s prices are among the market’s lowest, starting at only $2.75 a month for some of their cheapest plans. That’s ridiculously low for something that’s as dependable, trusted, and simple to employ.

Therefore, they are the best possible host for a novice. You’ll indeed be using a shared server. It’s possible that your site will crash if you or someone else on your server has a sudden influx of visitors.

Bluehost also provides managed WordPress hosting for an additional $9.95 per month if you ever decide you need it. Although it’s not the cheapest choice for managed hosting, it’s still one of the more affordable. The cost-effectiveness of using Bluehost is unparalleled.

Its functionality is sufficient for most websites, and the service comes highly recommended.  For individuals who are just starting, Bluehost is an excellent choice to get hosting for WordPress.


3. GreenGeeks Hosting for WordPress

GreenGeeks has you covered if you need a shared hosting package tailored specifically for WordPress. Everything you need to establish a high-quality WordPress website is at your fingertips, from low prices and speedy setup to round-the-clock online chat assistance.

WordPress security, quick speed, and their 300% renewable energy match that makes them a carbon-reducing business are all included at no extra cost. The security of WordPress websites is greatly improved by using GreenGeeks. In addition, they provide a free SSL certificate and will take care of its yearly renewal for you. As a bonus, GreenGeeks offers free migration of your WordPress site if you already have one.

Managed WordPress hosting includes free installation, migration, and automatic updates for all customers. You will also have access to WP-CLI and SSH, and we will install an SSL certificate, a content delivery network (CDN), backups, and a domain name for you to use for an entire year at no cost. Users report that the 24/7 live chat support is filled with experienced, kind employees who reply immediately to difficulties and queries.

Price points range from $2.95 for the Lite plan to $8.95 for the Premium plan. Each plan has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the pricing listed above is based on a three-year commitment. Lite only works with one domain. When it comes to websites, both Pro and Premium have you covered.

Here you may get started with GreenGeeks-managed WordPress hosting and read more about it. WP Engine — Best for Hosting Multiple WordPress Sites with Tons of Traffic WP Engine is the platform you want if you’re a professional. It works wonderfully as a WordPress-managed host.


4. WP Engine

WP Engine hosting for WordPress — Best for Hosting Multiple WordPress Sites. With Tons of Traffic, WP Engine is the platform you want if you’re a professional. It works wonderfully as a WordPress-managed host.

WP Engine is what most website owners use for a good reason. It is the best-managed WordPress host on the market if your goal is to develop a high-traffic blog or company. However, due to its higher price tag, I would not suggest it to someone just beginning off.

This is managed WordPress hosting. Thus the price may appear high compared to free or low-cost options like Hostinger or Bluehost. But you don’t have to worry about server speed or security with WP Engine because it is a managed host.

You don’t have to learn the ins and outs of lean web development or spend hours researching and installing plugins to reduce page load times by a few seconds. You also don’t need to set aside time to keep your plugins up-to-date, perform backups, or set up security measures to prevent brute-force assaults. Everything is handled automatically by WP Engine.

Additionally, the service requests and knowledge base are both trackable and available around the clock, making for an outstanding customer care experience overall. The people who work in WP Engine’s support department are knowledgeable in WordPress and can provide you with in-depth responses to your inquiries.  WP Engine is an excellent option for those who want to invest significant time and effort into expanding their WordPress blogs.

Their startup plan costs $24 per month when paid annually. Their Professional plan comes at $60 a month and allows for three sites and 75,000 unique visitors per month. You will be charged extra if your traffic volume exceeds the specified restrictions.


5. Nexcess WP Hosting

Liquid Web’s Nexcess is a formidable tool for managing many WordPress sites or dealing with enterprise-level clients. Their one-click staging tool lets you quickly generate a working replica of your site, where you can make changes and run tests without worrying about breaking the live version.

They provide a variety of excellent blueprints that facilitate scaling with relative ease. This hosting for WordPress Start from only $12.67/month for a single website (as long as you pay for the entire year upfront). When you require more space and websites than the basic plan offers, you’ll have to pay a lot more ($52.67 a month) to acquire what you want (up to five sites and 40 GB of storage space). The Nexcess Designer plan costs $72.67 monthly and it allows 10 sites to host along with 60 GB of storage.

Nexcess is for you if you want greater control but don’t want to do everything yourself on AWS. You’ll have more control than most hosts, but the setup and maintenance burden will be far lower than with Amazon Web Services. WordPress and your add-ons will also be kept up to date mechanically. That means you and your team will have fewer problems.

Including MySQL, SFTP, and SSH, you will have complete root access. In addition, you have access to Git for version control. No other service comes close to it regarding safety, timeliness, or help for customers. Nexcess plans are excessive for small firms. Thus they should look at the other alternatives instead.


6. SiteGround WordPress Hosting

WordPress also recommends SiteGround, another popular site server. They provide robust managed hosting solutions at surprisingly low prices. Their greatest strength is in how simple they make it to Relocate to their new home. You may effortlessly transfer your previous site to their server with the help of their free migrator application in a matter of days. Simply said, you don’t need to know how to code or build anything.

Start selling your products online. WordPress and WooCommerce are a potent duo that will help you launch an online store and begin generating money quickly. Their premium WordPress features, including automatic upgrades and increased security, are an excellent addition to any SiteGround account.

Put another way, this takes care of the vast majority of potential issues, allowing you to devote more energy to developing your company or finishing your project. My comprehensive SiteGround hosting review has additional details regarding what they provide.

The StartUp plan is what you should have. You may host up to one thousand users on your site and use up to ten gigabytes of storage space. This starter package costs $3.99 per month for the first year (paid upfront).

If you’re already using WordPress or WooCommerce, upgrading to hosting for WordPress will significantly boost your site. This allows you to use SiteGround’s Ultrafast PHP to enhance further the speed with which your site loads for your visitors. For only $6.69 monthly, you can have peace of mind knowing that a copy of your site’s backups is always only a click away. GoGeek, the most expensive subscription, costs $10.69 monthly and includes 40 GB of storage space, priority support, staging and Git, and the option for white-label customers.


7. Flywheel Hosting for WordPress

Regarding customer care, Flywheel, a managed WordPress server, is second to none. They provide an excellent transfer solution that eliminates the hassle of moving websites. Thanks to their specialized crew, you won’t have to lift a finger when they move your site over to their server.

Yes, you are correct in saying that. For no additional fee, they will handle everything for you. Features like blueprints, which let you store variations of themes and plugins you use frequently, are another reason these tools are so excellent. In addition, you will be given 14 days to showcase your work on a free, password-protected demo site. Billing for any area may be transferred to a customer without effort.

This makes FlyWheel hosting for WordPress an attractive choice for web design firms and independent contractors who build their clients’ websites. Using Flywheel is a must if you’re a web builder who does work for others.

For $13 per month, you can get Flywheel’s single-site plan, which supports up to 5,000 unique visitors per month and has 5GB of storage capacity. After that, you may either pay an extra $25 per month for a more robust single-site plan or pay more for one of the two most expensive packages to support additional sites.

As a web developer and someone who values a smooth migration process, Flywheel is the platform I’d turn to. If this describes you, you should sign up with Flywheel as your web host.


8. Kinsta WordPress Hosting

If you find that WP Engine isn’t what you were hoping for, Kinsta is a fantastic option. However, their auto-scaling functionality sets them apart from WP Engine. Its servers will immediately assign extra resources if your site has a sudden visitor spike. Perfect for sites with sudden influxes of visitors on rare occasions, such as when an article is shared widely or a new product is released.

As a result, you can relax knowing that an unexpected flood of visitors won’t cause any problems for your site. Instead, you can rely on Kinsta to handle it all. This may be a godsend for websites with erratic visitor numbers (e.g., viral articles and videos, big product launches).

They have a large selection of price tiers, making them an excellent scalable option. They have ten different pricing tiers available in addition to an adaptable business plan.

Costs begin at $30 per month for the first 25,000 visits and increase from there. You won’t need to worry about buying a new pair because you’ve outgrown these.

The great thing with Kinsta is that its capabilities are available regardless of your chosen package. Similarly, this simplifies the cost of using Kinsta. Choose a package that best fits your needs, considering the volume of traffic you expect.


9. Scala Hosting for WordPress

Some WordPress hosts may not be what they seem. Many hosts say they have optimized their servers for WordPress, but what other benefits do you reap from working with them? Scala Hosting not only optimizes their servers to speed up your WordPress site, but they also include a plethora of bonus tools in virtually all of their packages.

It begins with a free website transfer, which isn’t offered by all web hosting companies. And not just one site; at no additional cost, the experts at Scala can migrate as many WordPress installations as you require to their platform.

They’ll take care of the transfer and make sure everything goes smoothly before you switch over to the new servers. This will ensure that your sites have zero downtime throughout the migration.

Scala’s WordPress hosting services all have robust security options. You receive a dedicated firewall set up for you, protection against brute force attacks, bespoke security rules implemented by the Scala team without you lifting a finger, malware scans and removal, and automatic upgrades to keep your system secure.


Scala Hosting Plans:

Plans include:

  • Seven daily backups with weekly restoration points
  • Open source CDN service
  • Free SEO tools

Going with a subscription higher than Scala’s basic WP Mini (one website, 20 GB storage) will also get you access to more helpful features. These include:

  • WP Start has double the processing capacity of WP Mini and supports an infinite number of sites.
  • WP Advanced has 100 GB of storage space and four times the processing capability of WP Mini, along with an infinite number of websites.
  • With the managed service included in those plans, you’ll have access to the expertise of Scala’s WordPress support team for assistance with everything from plugin difficulties to larger-scale concerns.

Try Scala Hosting, or get in touch with a person from the company to find out what else they can do for you. Scala Hosting is an excellent option if you’re looking for affordable, hassle-free WordPress hosting.


Scala Pricing:

Comparatively, Scala’s prices are among the most affordable on our list and the most affordable in the WordPress hosting industry. WordPress Mini is $4.95 per year, or $3.95 per month if you sign up for it for three years.

Using Scala WP Advanced, you will also receive a free domain name. Unlike most service providers that limit your service to a single year. If you pay for multiple years in advance, you can get one year free of your domain. That’s a welcome extra.

Three years of WP Start costs $14.95, while two years cost $7.95. When you sign up for three years of WP Pro, you pay $9.95 a month; for two years, it’s $10.95.


10. Cloudways

Cloudways hosting for WordPress has been in business for almost 11 years, and throughout that time, they have provided managed WordPress hosting for over 600,000 websites. Cloudways also has an incredible 120,000+ live servers.

Cloudways’ mission is to provide its customers with as much leeway as possible. Some of this adaptability include allowing for an infinite number of WordPress sites, hourly pricing (so you only pay for the time you use), the ability to add extra server space with a single click instantly, and an unlimited number of staging URLs.

You don’t need to be a technical expert to get started with Cloudways, thanks to the platform’s rich knowledge base and round-the-clock help from its team of professionals. Currently, Cloudways has 62 data centres spread across 15 countries and 33 cities, ensuring lightning-fast access no matter where you are.

Plans and costs vary based on your choice of five Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers, as well as the amount of random-access memory (RAM), processing cores (cores), storage space, and network throughput you require.

Plan prices for managed WordPress sites vary widely. The cheapest option is DigitalOcean Standard, which costs $12 per month and includes 1 GB of RAM, one core processor, 25 GB of storage space, and 1 TB of monthly bandwidth. At its peak, the monthly cost rises to $3569.98, which includes the AWS hosting fee. Those specs include 384 GB of RAM, 96 virtual CPUs, 20 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth.

Unlimited application installations, free migrations, free SSL, CDN add-on, 24/7 real-time monitoring, automated backups, enhanced caching, auto-healing, and more are all standard across all plans. Cloudways offers a risk-free, three-day trial so you can see if their managed WordPress hosting meets your needs.


11. DreamHost

Dreamhost is one of the top leaders in WordPress hosting. Signing up for a Dreamhost account with this shared WordPress hosting company is simple and quick overall, and I was excited to test out DreamHost’s much-touted SSD servers.

DreamHost offers WordPress hosting plans designed to make it easy to get started with your own WordPress website. Dreamhost hosting plans include a free domain name, one-click WordPress installation, and 24/7 support from our US-based DreamTeam.

The Shared Starter plan is perfect for getting started with WordPress. For just $2.59/month*, you’ll get everything you need to create a basic WordPress website or blog which is a great deal for all the features and benefits you get. And if you sign up for a year, you’ll get two months free! If you’re looking for more power and flexibility, our Shared Unlimited plan starts at $4.95/month*.

DreamHost also offers managed WordPress hosting, which means that they take care of all the technical aspects of running a WordPress site for you. All you have to do is create your content. This frees up your time so that you can focus on what you do best – creating great content for your site.

Another great thing about DreamHost is that they offer a 97-day money-back guarantee.


12. GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

Godaddy is usually a domain name registrar company but expanded its operation to provide web hosting. They offer various types of hosting plans, including WordPress hosting.

Godaddy hosting for WordPress typically include features such as pre-installed WordPress, auto-updates, increased security, and performance optimization. It also offers several different WordPress hosting plans, all of which come with 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog, one of the first things you’ll need is a web host and Godaddy might be one of the best options for you as like many WordPress users

GoDaddy’s signup process runs well despite the company’s previously poor reputation for its user experience. This atmosphere carried over to the backend, an updated version of cPanel and highly user-friendly.

There are two main types of WordPress hosting: shared and managed. Shared hosting is the more affordable option, starting at just $3.95 per month. With shared hosting, your site will be on a shared server with other sites. This can be a good option for small businesses or personal blogs.

Managed WordPress hosting starts at $11.95 per month. With managed hosting, you’ll get more features and support than with shared hosting. This can be a good option for businesses or bloggers who have high traffic levels or need more control over their server settings.


13. InMotion WP Hosting

InMotion hosting for WordPress comes preinstalled as part of InMotion’s WP hosting bundle, which is a nice bonus. When checking out, simply choose the appropriate options. To rephrase, there is no need to install WordPress because it will be done for you manually.

You may customize the installation process by choosing a “max speed zone” that suits your needs. East and west are the two options for locations. The website’s load time will vary depending on the option you select, with some areas of the world benefiting more than others.

All that’s left to do afterwards is log in to your brand new WordPress dashboard using your credentials. You’ll see that InMotion has much to offer regarding assistance and launching your website after signing up. Many resources available online may help you learn about different aspects of hosting. For further information related to WordPress, you may tune into a knowledge channel devoted to that topic.

Not only that but there’s a live chat feature for whenever you need help.  For their Launch plan, users get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and MySQL databases. The price starts at $6.99 per month. The Power plan offers the same features as the Launch plan but with double the resources. The price is $9.99 per month for the power plan.

The Pro plan gives users everything in the Power plan plus a free private SSL certificate and IP address. Price $14.99 per month for the Pro Plan


14. A2 Hosting for WordPress

A2 Hosting is a web hosting company that offers several different types of hosting services, including WordPress hosting. It also offers preinstalled WordPress on all hosting plans. Softaculous is a one-click WordPress installer that allows you to set up brand-new installations with a single mouse click.

The “24/7/365 Guru team Support” is a big deal for A2 Hosting. They claim only to hire the best-qualified technicians and take great care in selecting their support staff. While A2 Hosting is one of the more costly WordPress web providers out now, we still consider it to be among the finest. At A2 Hosting, consumers can opt-out of costly yearly contracts in favour of more manageable monthly payments. It also allows you to cancel your WordPress hosting anytime with no fuss.

This WordPress hosting service is among the best available, thanks to its reliable connectivity and other features. Shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting options and A2 Hosting’s managed WordPress hosting services are compatible with the content management system.

The most basic plan called the Startup Plan starts at $3.92 per month and includes 2GB of storage, 10GB of bandwidth, and support for one domain. The next level up is the Drive Plan, which starts at $4.95 per month and includes 6GB of storage, 25GB of bandwidth, and support for three domains. Finally, the Turbo Plan is the most powerful option and starts at $9.31 per month with 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and support for an unlimited number of domains.


15. Hostgator

HostGator is a strong competitor among the world’s web hosting providers. They have been successful in this sector for years by providing reliable service at reasonable rates.

HostGator’s signup process is simple, and you can use their standard cPanel control panel without any problems. Utilizing cPanel’s in-built WordPress setup was similarly hassle-free. After installation, you may occasionally need to update the themes, although doing so required no more than a few mouse clicks.

Shared WordPress Hosting, starts at just $3.95 per month. For this price, you get access to HostGator’s easy-to-use control panel and one-click WordPress installer.

If you need more power and flexibility, HostGator’s VPS WordPress Hosting plans start at $29.95 per month. With these plans, you get your own virtual server and install the software you need.

For even more control, HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting plans start at $49.95 per month. With these plans, you get a dedicated server and 24/7 support from WordPress experts.

Live chat assistance is available around the clock from HostGator. However, owing to the sheer number of HostGator customers, wait times can be considerable. However, if you’re trying to find the top hosting services, this is a viable option to think about.



While it’s important to remember things like backup, speed and security of your WordPress hosting.  Hosting for WordPress always comes along with its important features and is not always the most expensive. Instead, it is the one that best meets your specific needs. Do your research and ask around for recommendations to find the perfect host for your WordPress site.

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