7 Best WooCommerce plugins for your online store 2022

The best woocommerce plugins are those modules that benefit store owners in sales. Frustrated consumers, low conversion rates, and wasted marketing and communication possibilities can all come from an online store that fails to cater to its users. In this scenario, WooCommerce plugins are excellent companions to the well-known e-commerce platRead More

How much does a Shopping E-commerce website cost?

A simple shopping e-commerce website may cost between 500 Usd to 1000 Usd. However, the actual cost of a website depends on various other factors which may go beyond thousands of dollars. These factors include the technical framework of a website, the nature of the website, the design, the features involved, and the content. Apart from thaRead More

What are PrestaShop Addons? Why are Addons beneficial for your Store?

PrestaShop addons are one of my favorite e-commerce modules when it comes to launching e-commerce store conversions. The popularity of this great platform is currently seen in the number of installations that PrestaShop currently holds. It has around 300,000 online consumers worldwide and is available in 60 different languages. Thus the nuRead More