Find Cost of Custom WordPress Website Design for Your Business

The cost of WordPress website design varies from features to complexity of one website to another website.

And costs may also differ from one vendor to another.

So when it comes to custom WordPress design one important factor is the budget which often tends to increase with the development of a website.

Customization is more often known as custom development in the IT industry.

It includes creating a specific website design, redesigning websites, writing HTML & CSS Codes, implementing animations, etc.

All these tasks together form a part of website design and redesign services and here are some of the crucial points to evaluate the cost.


So how to calculate the cost of WordPress website design?

These points will help you to evaluate the cost of your website design and redesign.

While costs may vary from one to another vendor, it may be feasible to apply cost on a per-hour basis or calculate cost on the basis of per project.

So let’s take a look at how the project cost would appear following certain conditions in a website design service.


a) Total No of Web Page You Require for your business

The total number of web pages in your business is the first thing to consider that will provide you with a basic cost of a WordPress website.

This includes all the pages of your website.

While a website may contain hundreds of pages, all pages aren’t equal.

So designing or redesigning a page depends on the type of page you are designing for your company.

For example, a home page is the most important and crucial page design of your website because it works as the first landing page for a brand or business.

Therefore this page needs special attention compared to other pages of a website.

Hence the cost of home page design would always be higher than the other pages on your website.

The cost of a WordPress website for home pages may start from $ 1000 for Small Businesses and go up to $ 3000 or more for enterprises.

But how do you justify a $1000 home page for a small business versus a $3000 home page for enterprises?

The cost usually depends on various elements of a home page and it basically includes no. of sections on a home page.

And the number of animations you require on your home page versus the level of complexity.

While other elements include slider design, menu design, basic design versus advanced design, mobile responsive design, and a separate design for mobile versus desktop devices.

Therefore all these factors together make the cost of a WordPress website higher.


b) Total No of UX Design Pages

As I have already mentioned that not all pages are created equally, the UX design pages are the most important pages of your website.

Home pages, Product pages, cart pages, etc. are some of the pages that usually require UX design because that is possibly what makes conversions.

A single UX design normally costs $500 for small business websites.

Therefore the more the number of UX page designs the most would be the cost of a WordPress website.

In order to consider UX design for a page you have to understand what type of page is it on your website and do they really need a UX design or a basic design.

We may consider any web page as being either a primary or secondary web page where primary pages are worth considering for UX design.

The primary web pages are those pages that draw the attention of audiences for conversion while secondary pages aren’t related to conversion but support primary pages with the right information about that page or exist individually as other information pages of a website.

Examples of primary pages can be a home page, a product page, and a cart page while secondary pages can be the about us page, terms, and conditions, shipping policy pages, etc. Therefore, not all pages require UX design.


c) PSD/ HTML Pages Add cost of WordPress Website

If you require PSD for UX design there is a cost associated with it. Therefore PSD is another factor to include when it comes to the cost of a WordPress website.

The nominal cost of a single web page PSD design may start from $200 for a small business website.

Therefore you have to decide which pages need a PSD design.

The primary pages usually require a PSD design if you consider having an overall view of your website in print.

Creating a PSD design requires a certain step before the designer gets into the design of a web page.

First project managers need a consultation with stakeholders to understand what are your business goals and what kind of design your business requires.

After consultation, the project manager hands over the draft to the designer where a wireframe design is being considered the first step.

After the wireframe task is approved designer either uses HTML pages to create the design or uses a PSD to demonstrate the design as to how it would look after the page is created and hosted live.


d) Basic Page Design Cost

When it comes to the cost of a WordPress website the total number of Basic Page designs should also be considered for a small business website.

Basic page design normally does not have any animations, nor it is created for conversation.

Therefore, the cost of a basic page design is usually much lower than a UX page design.

The cost of basic page design starts from $25 and goes up to $50 or beyond depending on the number of sections and creatives used.

Additionally, the cost may increase based on the number of sections on a web page.

Normally a page can have 6 to 7 sections, however, if the section increases the cost may increase based on per additional section.


e) Basic Versus Advanced Header Design

The header design is one of the complex and most crucial parts of web design.

The header is common for all web pages hence more time is needed to create a header design.

The header is a central part of your website from where all navigation to inner pages takes place.

Therefore, more time is required to build a header.

However, header design can be basic or advanced depending on the use of animated design.

Moreover, the cost of a WordPress website with an advanced header can be more complex and costly compared to a basic header design.


f) Basic Versus Advanced Menu Design

Unlike the desktop menus, the mobile menus of websites are different and have different layouts.

Therefore there is a cost factor associated with Menu design because mostly two types of designs come into play when it is to menus normally one for desktop and the other for mobile.

So when it comes to menu design the complexity of menu designs may increase the cost of WordPress website development.

Complex menu design can be costly and can take more time to implement those designs into your desktop or mobile.

Menus may have basic design to advanced design where the opening and closing of submenu may be presented through various types of animation.

Moreover, there can be different types of menu designs in a WordPress website.

Mostly we name them primary designs and secondary designs which means two designs are inbuilt into the website.

For example, the product menu may have one style while the company portfolio may have a different menu style, and so on.

The primary menu design is often presented as the main design of the menu in mobile-based devices which is also the center point of opening and closing of menus on mobile, but mobiles may not have any secondary menu design.

However, on desktops, you can nicely differentiate both primary and secondary menu designs.

The cost of implementing these menu designs may range from $200 to $300.


g) Mobile Responsive Design

Every modern website design is responsive by default. So where does the cost fit into the picture?

Although your website may be responsive by default there are some sections that may not be as responsive as they should have been.

Therefore extra work is done to replace a section of the Desktop design to create a mobile responsive design and that is where the cost comes into the picture.

For example, the slide show on the desktop may look good when it is viewed on the Desktop but when the same slide show is opened on mobile it may not fit into the screen.

Therefore, developers either have to fit the whole slideshow of the desktop to mobile or develop a new slideshow for mobile.

Also, you can insert new sections in mobiles design which may be specific for mobile views only.

So, inserting extra sections in mobile responsive design may incur some extra costs.

Last but not least the most important part of mobile responsive design is the menu design. In most cases, the menu design style is kept the same as the desktop.

However, sometimes the responsive menu design doesn’t fit into mobile therefore a different menu is required to build for mobile devices.

Hence when there is a different menu required the cost would naturally increase.


h) Animations Increases Cost of WordPress Website

Animations are imposed on webpages to create a great user experience and to provide a stunning picturesque.

But complex animation built into web pages may require more time to implement and the cost of implementing animation differs in prices ranging from basic to complex animations.

Basic animations on a web page may cost $50 per animation while complex animations may cost $100 per animation or more.

Therefore, the cost of a WordPress website along with animation would be much higher than without any animations.

So you could actually calculate the cost of animation alone by calculating how many animations you really require in a web page.

Most UX web pages are driven by great animations so animations are important mostly for primary pages such as the home page or the product page.

But again, the cost may increase depending on the level of animation complexity which may differ from one to another vendor.


i) Logo Design

The logo is yet another cost factor that increases the cost of developing a website.

But it is not mandatory if the logo is provided by the client to the vendor.

But if logo design has to be a part of the website design that is required by vendors to be supplied to the client then creating the logo will add cost to the website.

Moreover, if you are creating your logo for the first time a logo design may cost $50 to $100 depending on the hours required to create the logo.


j) Copy Writing

Although copywriting is not part of a web design service, copywriting provides a significant meaning to your website design.

Therefore it has to be decided whether the content is to be created by the vendor or the client would deliver the content.

If the content has to be delivered by the vendor, copywriting would be another additional cost.

Great copywriting can be expensive as it required professional copywriters to add brand value to your web page.

But this cost can be neglected if you already have the content ready from your side.

Else copywriters may cost $4 to $5 per 100 word


Per Hour Cost Versus Project Wise Cost of UX Design

Finally, when it comes to choosing a custom WordPress website design service there are two ways you may use to pay project developers.

  • Hourly Rate
  • Project Wise Cost

The hourly rate can be very expensive if you are considering UX design services for large business websites.

The process of UX design includes activities such as wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

It also involves the use of design principles such as simplicity, consistency, and accessibility to ensure that the product is easy to use and understand.

Therefore it takes a good amount of time to complete the UX design process and that involves project costing. Make sure you identify the type of work you wish to do and choose the correct method to pay your developers.


When to go for the Hourly rate?

Hourly rate normally goes well if you are working on a single page or on specific sections of a page or two.

Depending on the type of work whether it is a micro-task or a major task you may work with your developers.

Choose expert developers and designers to discuss hourly costing versus project-wise costing.

TMD provides expert developers and designers who have worked on multiple projects ranging from simple to complex UX designs.

If you are looking for good hourly rate contact TMD WordPress developers to design your website.

TMD software developers are capable of handling any type of UX design project for small businesses.


When to go for Project wise cost?

Project-wise costing is normally good for small businesses and enterprises who wish to develop a UX-based design website.

The project-wise costing is also suitable for businesses who are willing to redesign their website or want a fresh outlook on their existing website.

Project-wise costing also goes well with enterprises as enterprise projects have a large number of pages on their website.

Pages can be informative, engagement-focused, or conversion-focused.

Depending on the type of pages you wish to design the cost rises from informative pages to conversion-focused pages.

Therefore when you have a large number of pages to be designed for your business website it is worth considering a project-wise cost.

Also, if you are looking for mid-size or enterprise-level website design for your business TMD developers can help.



If you’re looking to create a custom WordPress website, one of the first things on your mind will likely be the cost.

Knowing how much a custom website will set you back is crucial for budgeting purposes and ensuring that you get what you need without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, determining the cost of a custom WordPress website design is not as complicated as it may seem.

The total cost of a custom WordPress website design can vary depending on several factors such as complexity, functionality, and the amount of time required for the development.

The level of customization also plays a significant role in determining the final price tag.

A simple template-based site with minimal customization can start from just $500 while an intricate multi-page design with advanced features could run into thousands of dollars.

It’s important to work with an experienced web developer who can help provide an accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

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