Classified Script

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Classified Script
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TMD Classified script is a complete Ad listing website. This Classified script gives you more customization than other available scripts in the market. With a powerful admin panel, the admin will be able to create as many categories as users and customers. Moreover, there is an option to manage the ad creation form for each category.

Users have a dashboard to manage their ads and buy the plan. The user will pay with Paypal. Users will only post ads until their plan gets over. On the Dashboard no of created ads and messages and other things. Everything is manageable from the admin

One of the coolest features of this classified script is, sending the user an awesome email. From the admin panel, all kinds of emails are customizable.

The classified website must consist of a message system. Normal users can send messages to ad-posted users. From the Dashboard Ad, the owner can reply and that reply will send back to an email of the sender.

Here is a list of the best features for Classified Script

User Panel

  1. User
  2. Can Post Ads
  3. Buy Plan
  4. Pay Using PayPal
  5. Add to Favorite List
  6. Deactivate, Activate, Delete
  7. Receive messages and Send Messages
  8. Profile Editing
  9. View Ads

Classified Script Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard
  2. Manage Ad Forms for each category
  3. Manage Category
  4. Filters fields
  5. Manage Users
  6. Manage User Ads
  7. Manage Plan
  8. Invoice list
  9. Manage Email Template
  10. Deactivate, Activate, Delete Ads
  11. Google Analytics
  12. View Users Ads
  13. Can Create New Pages

Layout Editing

  1. Home Page
  2. 3 Headers
  3. 3 Footers
  4. Footer Banner
  5. Theme Setting
  6. Currency
  7. 7 Color Themes
  8. Add Country city and zone

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